"You cannot escape Tarkovksy. It’s in the subconscious. We’ve been watching Tarkovsky forever."
Lav Diaz (via communicants)

 Woodstock, 1969.
"They went to a psychedelic pasture to listen to their music, to be with people who dressed like them and played like them. There was a shared bond on a cosmic scale, and their elders marveled that all these kids could be in one place for three days without violence or mayhem, despite pitifully inadequate facilities and food supplies, and despite rains that fell so long and hard they would have drowned any other party. The lesson was simple: These long-haired, antiwar bra-burners and boys with beads had created a field of dreams, and perhaps from it would rise something bright and beautiful for the future."


I watched this for like 20 minutes

It feels like I’m watching the birth of a demon

It’s from Darren Aronofsky’s latest gem - Noah
Films Watched in 2014: October
Come and See | Elem Klimov | Soviet Union | 1985

Today in my video production class, a girl told me that she turned The Thin Red Line off because she didn’t find it “engaging”. I’m sitting over here like

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